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Empowering Women Lawyers Growing Modern Law Firms

The Modern Legal Collective empowers women lawyers to modernize their practice and design profitable law firms they love through masterminds, live shows, and community!



The mastermind is for women attorneys leading solo or small firms who are ready to ditch the billable hour, reclaim their time, and grow six-figure law practices with subscription legal services.


Live Shows

MLC Live is our monthly, live show hosted by Kimberly Bennett, on our MLC crowdcast channel. Each month, we focus on strategies to improve our practice and design a better legal industry for all.



The Modern Legal Collective is a forward-thinking community of female attorneys ready to pave the path to a new and better legal industry. We embrace innovation, collaboration, and purposeful disruption.



The traditional law firm model is broken. It stifles creativity, punishes efficiency, and fosters unhealthy habits. It's time to take back the legal industry and create a model that works for clients AND attorneys.



Past Live Shows

available now, on-demand

June 2018 // 
Alternative Revenue Streams with Brooke Moore

July 2018 //
Creating Products Utilizing Your Legal Knowledge with Jess Birken

August 2018 //
Strategic Outsourcing & Delegation with Dina Eisenberg

September 2018 //
Improving Firm Automation with Lori Gonzalez

October 2018 //
Branding 101 for Legal Pros with Candace Ledbetter

November 2018 //
Finding Balance: Intentionally Designing 2019 for Success with Erin Gerstenzang

Join us live every last Wednesday of each Month!

The Modern Legal Collective is a monthly live show, hosted by Kimberly Bennett, covering topics impacting the legal industry with a focus on bringing the practice of law into the modern ages. During each live video stream, attendees can engage, ask questions and join (from their computer) the discussion. 

Ps...If you're interested in appearing on future shows, let's chat on a virtual meeting.


Are you ready to ditch the billable hour?

Hello! I am Kimberly Bennett, founder of K Bennett Law LLC. For years, I have worked to develop a subscription model that is aligned with how I envision building a forward-thinking law practice. Now, I would like to share my work and insight to help you design a subscription (or alternative revenue model) that works for your practice and the life you want to design. If you are...

  • considering alternative revenue streams for your practice,
  • tired of billing by the hour, or
  • ready to have your bills paid on time, ahead of time...

Then you're in the right place.

 In this 60-minute masterclass, you will learn the key principles to Ditch the Billable Hour and Scale Your Firm with Subscription Services. This masterclass is for solo and small firm attorneys focused on growing six-figure law firms ready to:

  • transition to value-based billing,
  • add consistent revenue to their practice, and
  • develop a modern, client-centric law practice.

Let's modernize your law firm and improve the delivery of legal services.



It's time for women to take over the legal industry through intentional, innovative and impactful disruption.


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