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Welcome to She Leads The Law

It's time to break free of the traditional legal framework and build fearless and profitable law business. Together, we focus on these key drivers of success for modern law businesses that are tired of the status quo and are ready to lead the next chapter of the legal industry.



Intention to design a law business that breaks free of the traditional legal industry model, rigid mindset, and allows you to unlock a modern business designed for you, your lifestyle, and your clients.



Innovation to craft your signature subscription service focused on delivering the services your clients want while affording you the lifestyle that aligns with your goals, gives you control over your business, and provides consistent cash flow.



Impact to scale a premier, six-figure, technology-driven business, where the growth of your company is tied to the value you provide your clients, not the hours you work in your business.

Join our community of women driving change in the legal industry through intentional, innovative and impactful disruption.


>> Reclaim your time,
>> Ditch the billable hour,
>> Stop chasing unpaid fees,
>> Streamline your processes,
>> Consistently find new clients,
>> Have the freedom to take time off,
>> Enjoy life & love your law practice,
>> Design your signature subscription service, and
>> Grow your business with recurring revenue!!!!!!!!!!


"Kim is passionate about helping attorneys add subscription services to our practices. Before this workshop I was struggling to build a subscription. Kim broke down the steps and was amazing at guiding us through the process. If you do the homework you can have a subscription built by the end of the course. I highly recommend Kim!"

Carol Williams
Immigration Attorney

"Kim developed an amazing workshop series that takes you step-by-step through the process of developing a subscription. She clearly spent a lot of time and thought putting this program together, and her expertise shines through. From the mindset shifts to the weekly growth assignments, every part of the series is strategically crafted to help you think through how to build a successful subscription practice. My favorite module was the one on pricing - such an eye-opener! Plus, Kim is an excellent resource to the students in her workshop: super friendly, incredibly supportive, and entirely committed to their success! Kim's workshop series is a must-have for any lawyer seeking to integrate a subscription into their practice."

Faith Mitton
Trademark Attorney

Tired of inconsistent revenue?

She Leads the Law is a twelve-month mastermind for women in the legal industry ready to ditch the billable hour, design their signature subscription service, and and grow a business that provides them the freedom and flexibility to live a life they love.


Tell me more about the mastermind...

She Leads the Law is a 12-month mastermind for women in the legal industry who are bold, decisive and ready to take action. 

This program is designed to teach you the nine pillars you need to see serious growth in your business by building your signature subscription service. You will learn a clear marketing and execution strategy to grow a business designed for your lifestyle.

This is not a cookie-cutter program. Instead, this program is focused on helping you design a business that is aligned with your lifestyle, your clients, and the services you want to deliver. The community, led by Kim, is here to support you. We know entrepreneurship is a team sport and you should not build your empire in isolation.

Of course, throughout the mastermind, you will have access to coaching, resources, and training to help you design your fearless and profitable, modern law business.

Who is this for?

The mastermind is for women in the legal industry who want to build fearless and profitable law businesses. We are lawyers and non-lawyers. We are educators and influencers. We are women innovating in every aspect of the legal industry and we embrace the change that is coming to our industry.

We know there are many ways to serve ourselves, our clients, and our community that no longer looks like the traditional law practice. And, we are ready to be bold, brave and unapologetic about designing the legal businesses of the future.

The women in She Leads the Law are ready to lead changes in the legal industry with modern and innovative businesses that are designed for today's legal consumer. 

If this describes you, you are in the right place.


When do we start?

The mastermind begins in June 2019.

How much time will it take me to work through the mastermind each week? 

We recommend that you commit 2 hours per week to work through the mastermind and implement what you learn. We have a range of resources to support your growth and development, including our weekly live sessions.

Hi! I am Kim...

I help women leading innovation in the legal industry ditch the billable hour, reclaim their time, and grow profitable and sustainable law businesses with their signature subscription service.

Are you ready for consistent cash flow without the headache of tracking time and chasing fees?


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